Friday, September 14, 2012

funfetti dip!

this weekend i'm going away to for a leadership retreat for the leaders on my hall at school, which i am super duper uber excited about! we are traveling about 2 hours and will be leaving a little later than desired, so i decided to make some fun treats! of course, blue muffins are my go-to for an appetizing little delight, but i saw this funfetti dip on OH SO PRETTY the SKINNY and wanted to give it a try! i did make a few changes to their original recipe, but it still tastes AH-MAZING! so anywho, because i will be away from my hall this (i'm an RA), i wanted to leave my girls with this little treat as well! 

okay, here we go! 


1 box of Funfetti cake batter
3 cups of vanilla pudding
8 oz of cool whip
3 Tbs of vanilla 
Mini chocolate chips and extra sprinkles are optional, but look great to top it off! 

{step one - add everything together! it's best to add them in the order i have listed them above, but i don't think it's make a big difference}

{step two - mix everything together until you see no more dry cake mix - it should look like this; it will be a little thick}

{step three - put in serving container, which you can see I just plastic cups. i placed one in each quad; i have six! and then you can top it with sprinkles, mini chocolate chips, and whatever else you think would be a wonderful addition!}

{step four - EAT!! - you can use gram crackers or teddy grams - i'm sure fruit would be really good, too!}

wow! can you believe that's it?!?! super easy and super good! if you wanted to make this a little more figure friendly, fat-free yogurt and cool whip would be perfect! please let me know if you find any more ideas to add to this! 


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