Saturday, March 10, 2012

Travel Tips

Today marked the first day of spring break, and of course, on our way back home we had to take a few pics! We found a little worn down shack that was perfect for an impromptu photo shoot. Unfortunately, two random demon possessed dogs from the creepy house next to the shack starting chasing us. So, naturally we very calmly and rationally decided that if was wise to RUN FOR OUR LIVES!!! Okay okay, we probably shouldn't have been there, but there wasn't a sign so........yeah. 

Here are few pics from our little adventure and then some tips for travel!!

Travel Tip #1: Keep it simply and layer!
Tights and oversized shirts are a must for traveling. They are comfy and easy to layer with. Here I am wearing brown tights with a little dress underneath of a simple blouse. And of course, I am wearing my favorite cardigan. This way I am prepared for the weather. 

Tip #2: Go Natural!
Traveling is exhausting and somewhat dirty. The last thing you want to worry about is your makeup. Keep some Vitamin E chapstick in your purse along with a little blush and your set! Also make sure your hair is easy to keep up with, like my little bun!! 

Tip #3: Go with your best friend! 
It's always nice to have your best companion accompanying us while you travel. It also makes your life some much more interesting and you never know what adventures you may stumble giant dogs chasing you in random rundown shacks!

Tip #4: Sing along to some great tunes!
Crank up the music and drive your cares away! Here are some of favorites we listen to.

Happy Saturday Y'all!!

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