Monday, January 16, 2012


My aunt is obsessed with everything organic and naturally grown, so naturally (hahaha, get it?? - oh my) she got me some Hibiscus flowers for Christmas. It makes a wonderful tea - it has a tangy, woody taste, but you get used it. The Hibiscus flower has been proven to help your heart as it helps reduce the plague build up in your heart. Additionally, it helps in natural weight loss and it's calming effect that helps smooth the wrinkles in your face. So what's not to love about this lovely flower? Hmmm?? 

I also wanted to show you all this cup/mug she got me as well. It's meant for loose tea leaves and includes a lid. Little fact for you... When you put your natural tea leaves or tea packet in your hot water, all the nutrients escapes with the steam, so this little lid conceals it so you get everything you ask for a cup of tea! 

 This is box the tea mug was in.

 Here are the contents - lid, mug, sifter 

 I only put a small amount in my hand because it is very strong

 Pour the hot water...

Then place the lid on top!

There you have it! A nice cup of botox tea! 

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